The Industry Trust for IP Awareness Ireland has teamed up with the Motion Picture Association (MPA) to release the first in a series of clips as part of the #IMAKEMOVIES campaign, focused on the talent it takes to bring great stories to global audiences.

The #IMAKEMOVIES campaign represents the broad range of diversity and hard work required to bring movies from script to screen. Ireland joins the UK, Italy and the US in promoting the campaign where it successfully reached and engaged with audiences in support of the local film industries.

The Industry Trust’s consumer education campaign continues to deliver this core message; inspiring audiences to choose the big screen experience and choose legal content when watching online. The #IMAKEMOVIES campaign directs audiences to an industry-supported film search engine, LOVEMOVIES.IE, which offers exclusive updates, news and real-life experiences from those working in film. There are also legal content sources allowing the user to book cinema tickets and buy or rent content at their convenience.

David Burke, Chairman at Industry Trust for IP Awareness said: Working with The MPA on #IMAKEMOVIES continues to be a tremendously worthwhile experience, this is the first in a series of pieces that showcase the time and talent involved in filmmaking, distribution, exhibition and publicity.  It is hugely vital to remember how purchasing a cinema ticket helps support the 18,000 film and film-related jobs in Ireland. The Irish Trust strives to inspire Irish audiences with this message through its campaigns and trailers.

Stan McCoy, President & Managing Director of the Motion Picture Association said: “I’m delighted that Ireland is delivering the incredible #IMAKEMOVIES campaign to celebrate the 18,000 people that work in the audio visual industry and the 12 million workers across Europe. The recognition for these workers comes at a pivotal time of growth, with the Irish government investing €200 million in the audio visual industry over the next ten years. This campaign spotlights the many talented and hard working creators and makers who work behind the scenes to bring movie magic to life. They are your neighbours and your friends and represent a diverse and wildly creative group.”

The first #IMAKEMOVIES clip launches online today and the campaign will continue through August and September. Please keep an eye on LOVEMOVIES.IE over the coming weeks to keep up to date with the latest from our #IMAKEMOVIES campaign.