, in cooperation with Disney UK, is integrating Disney+ titles into the listings service, allowing FindAnyFilm users to search Disney content across all formats; from cinema screenings to physical disc, digital transactional and now SVOD.

Insight from the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, who manage on behalf of its industry partners, confirms that there is still a vital need to help consumers find the content they want and disrupt the journey to infringement. serves that need and provides an essential call to action for all anti-piracy outreach. Using ensures that consumers in the UK can be certain that the content they love comes from a legitimate source, avoiding the personal risks inherent in accessing pirated content.

As the only official industry-approved search, find and watch tool for UK consumers, FindAnyFilm allows users to access content across all genres, from blockbuster films to cult classic boxsets. With Disney+ titles now discoverable, consumers also benefit from the vast range of films and TV shows exclusive to the Disney+ service, including Star content following its February launch.

Disney+ joins’s current roster of feeds which include UK cinema screens, online physical retailers including Amazon, Zavvi and Argos, digital platforms such as iTunes, Prime Video, Sky Store and Google, as well as live TV listings. FindAnyFilm users can see which content is available on the Disney+ service by clicking the Digital tab on their selected title and finding the Disney+ option.

Liz Bales, Chief Executive of The Industry Trust, said: “It is fantastic to be able to announce that Disney+ have chosen to partner with The Industry Trust works to keep consumers safe with education about the risks of infringing content, and FindAnyFilm acts as the ideal call to action for all anti-piracy outreach. Building on the collaborative relationship between The Walt Disney Company and the Industry Trust, Disney+ is a vital addition to the site’s SVOD offerings, which serves our shared goal of ensuring that is the ultimate destination for consumers to search, find and watch content safely.”