As millions more people, of all ages, build their technical aptitude and start to embrace digital product, we’ve brought FindAnyFilm front and centre of our strategy to reduce the risk of confusion (and temptation) as more people become exposed to infringing content.


Reducing risk and driving purchase

To achieve this we’ve brokered landmark partnerships that transform FindAnyFilm from a destination point for film fans to visit, to a positive intervention tool. They embed the FindAnyFilm database alongside film-centric content all over the Internet, ensuring that the point of purchase is just one click away from the film fan within those environments where its presence is most relevant and useful. It’s a win for the industry and the consumer.

As part of this approach we have incorporated the FindAnyFilm discovery tool into our Moments Worth Paying For campaign this year, enabling our members to embed access to the database alongside Moments trailers, across all of their marketing materials. It means that while we are inspiring consumers to play fair, we are ensuring they are just one click away from being able to do so – whether they’re viewing the campaign on their desktop, a lap-top or a mobile phone.

As well as circumnavigating the need for Internet search, this new strategy for FindAnyFilm brings direct commercial benefits for our members by taking the point of purchase direct to film fans in their own online environments. In doing so we’re delivering on our 2013 ambition to make our members’ investments work even harder, while helping to support product sales.


Teaming up with Yahoo! Movies UK and Ireland and powerful film news sources

Our partnership with Yahoo! Movies UK and Ireland marks a landmark step in our strategy. Millions of film fans are now just a click away from purchasing the real deal when they enjoy any Yahoo film review; whether that’s booking cinema tickets, buying a disk or streaming their chosen title.

We’re partnering with a host of independent film blogs and news sites, such as IndieLONDON and CineVue, to ensure FindAnyFilm is available to access where film conversations are actively taking place. Our workshop at the London Film Festival provided an opportunity to open up this dialogue.


Roberto Carnevale, IndieLONDON, said:

“We’re proud to have been the first official partner to take advantage of FindAnyFilm’s extensive film database on our website. We know our readers love reading the latest film news and reviews and interviews on our site, so the ability to enhance that positive experience by connecting them to official film services to enjoy was a real ‘no-brainer’. Our users can now quickly and easily click-through to watch a film in the relevant format, depending on where a film is across its lifecycle, from cinema to disk to download.”


John Fletcher, Director of Marketing at Paramount Pictures UK said:

“Following our first collaboration with the Industry Trust in creating an exclusive trailer for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, delivering a unique spin on the “Moments Worth Paying For” message, we’re delighted to be following this up by harnessing FindAnyFilm’s new Facebook application, which enables film fans to buy cinema tickets from the film’s official Facebook Page. This provides film fans with a convenient and direct route to purchase, which will continue to help drive sales across formats as the film progresses from exhibition to physical disk and online downloading and streaming services.”