With tablets, games consoles and internet connected TVs top of the so many of 2013’s Christmas gift lists, FindAnyFilm are pleased to announce the arrival of Clubcard TV’s free online movies onto the service, giving owners of these new devices another legal choice when it comes to watching film online.

FindAnyFilm.com aggregates film availability across all formats, allowing film fans to search for titles across localised cinema listings, comprehensive DVD, Blu-Ray and UltraViolet releases and an ever growing range of digital download and streaming services enabling consumers to watch at the push of a button. FindAnyFilm continues to play a key part in the Industry Trust’s consumer education campaigns, by providing a one stop shop of legitimate places for consumers to find film availability in the UK.

FindAnyFilm is able to tackle the key drivers to piracy; availability, convenience and affordability, by providing a service that has something for everyone. From those who want to see the latest releases in high definition to those that just fancy catching up on an old favourite. FindAnyFilm not only provides a comprehensive service to consumers, but showcases the innovative way the industry are providing great value content – giving consumers an official option fit for anyone’s budget.

The ad supported Clubcard TV service invites users to register using their Clubcard number to access hundreds of movies and TV shows for free.

Mark de Quervain, Partnerships Director of FindAnyFilm said, “At a time of year when consumers are testing digital services on newly acquired devices, it’s wonderful to bring the addition of Clubcard TV’s movie content, which is free exclusively for the use of Clubcard customers, onto the FindAnyFilm.com service. Getting consumers familiarised with digital before testing and trialling other digital services is a great way to migrate them from disc. It’s wonderful to have Clubcard TV on board to support both the education work of the Industry Trust, as well as the FindAnyFilm service. It’s great to have trusted household names flying the flag for official.”

Scott Deutrom, Managing Director of Clubcard TV said, “FindAnyFilm is the only source for legal movies across all formats and it’s great that it now includes the free movie content from the Clubcard TV service. We are pleased to be supporting the consumer education work around copyright infringement and look forward to finding more ways to work together in the future.”