FindAnyFilm has announced the addition of Distrify titles to its website, the easy-to-use gateway to legitimate film, TV and video services. This comes as Distrify, which has been at the forefront of the industry in offering direct-to-audience distribution becomes the first in a host of legal independent film providers to take advantage of the site’s unique proposition for consumers. aggregates film availability across all formats, allowing film fans to search for titles across localised cinema listings, comprehensive DVD, Blu-Ray and UltraViolet releases and an ever growing range of digital download and streaming services enabling consumers to watch at the push of a button. With search results ranked by price, the site is designed to tackle the key driving factors of piracy: affordability, availability and convenience.

FindAnyFilm continues to play a key part in the Industry Trust’s consumer education campaigns, by providing a one stop shop of legitimate places for consumers to find film availability in the UK. Films from Distrify will provide a greater range of choice on, ensuring that consumers’ tastes are catered for as the site continues to provide quick and easy access to legal content.

Distrify work with more than 100 distributors in the UK and internationally, connecting a network of more than 350 million people with a range of independent and world cinema .. By working closely with distributors Distrify aims to create a tailored online distribution method that compliments each film release. This includes the day-and-date release of Sarah Polley’s acclaimed film, “Stories We Tell”,, which was sold direct to fans via Distrify powered premiere on The Guardian website, as well as the Led Zepplin: Celebration Day concert film which was sold to cinema..By partnering with FindAnyFilm, Distrify will continue to extend and amplify the reach of its content to audiences in the UK.

Mark de Quervain, Partnerships Director of FindAnyFilm said,

“We know that our audiences are hungry for content and it’s wonderful to be able to give them such variety in film choice. With so many more films released across a year than ever before – from those huge blockbusters to the artful independents – it’s through integrations with sites such as Distrify that we can continue to remain relevant to audiences. The beauty of is that you can find it all in one place and you know it’s all above board - helping to combat another key driver of copyright infringement.”

Andy Green/Peter Gerard, Founder of Distrify said,

“We’re very happy to partner with and the Industry Trust, as supporters of the important consumer educational work carried out by the industry. The Distrify player has been developed to share film legally and through this partnership we can strengthen the ways audiences can buy and share films they love and value.”