Actress Gemma Atkinson has recreated her favourite film moment to launch a new campaign celebrating the entertainment value of film and TV.

Pulp Fiction

The actress, best known for her roles in Casualty and Hollyoaks, mimics Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace in the 1994 Tarantino classic, Pulp Fiction, to promote Moments Worth Paying For, which encourages film fans to pay for the real deal.

Gemma joins BAFTA award winning actor, writer and director, Adam Deacon, in supporting the campaign, which was the brainchild of two young Design students from London. Omri Dvir and Leighton Pountney won a competition to devise an innovative take on the industry’s anti-piracy advertising.

Their advertising concept features a series of clues to iconic films, including cult hit Pulp Fiction – and invites the public to guess the Moment Worth Paying For at, a search engine for official film and TV.

Gemma Atkinson, who is currently pursuing a promising film career, spoke of her support for the campaign:

We all have those films that remind us of certain times in our lives and move us every time we watch them. This campaign celebrates those moments that really stay with you and suggests that the feeling you get when you watch great film and TV is something worth paying for. The clues and the online quiz are great fun, but there’s a serious point being made too. When you pay to enjoy the real thing, you support the people who worked hard to make it and show your appreciation for the experience you get in return.

Omri Dvir, one of the students behind the campaign, said:

We’re thrilled that our idea is being turned into a real advertising campaign. We wanted to get across the point that the price of a ticket, download or DVD is great value for all the enjoyment you get back.

The new advertising will form part of the UK film, TV and video industry’s innovative Moments Worth Paying For campaign, which spans cinema, outdoor advertising, PR and social media. It will feature in Clear Channel advertising spaces UK-wide from tomorrow as well as on and a wealth of other film and TV industry websites.

The film quiz can be found at   

The Industry Trust for IP Awareness

The Industry Trust is the UK film, TV and video industry’s pro-copyright consumer education body, established in 2004 to tackle the growing issue of film, TV and video copyright infringement in the UK.  Today it has more than 30 members, including film and TV distributors, cinemas, DVD retailers and home entertainment rental companies.  Its role isn’t to lecture people about downloading illegal content.  It’s to inspire consumers to do the right thing at every opportunity possible, by directing to the array of official (legal), good value and convenient services available now online and offline.  Find out more at


Moments Worth Paying For

The Industry Trust for IP Awareness launched its ‘Moments Worth Paying For’ campaign in 2011; the latest chapter in its ongoing work to address copyright infringement in the UK.  In 2011 ‘Moments Worth Paying For’ featured in cinema ad reel estate and in Clear Channel spots across the UK.  It also enjoyed a significant presence online, including some innovative media partnerships with Total Film and 4OD.  A high impact PR campaign complements the advertising by informing the target audience about the growing wealth of ways to watch film, TV and video, both on and offline. is one of the UK’s leading websites for film fans looking to watch, buy, download, stream or rent legitimate film, TV and video. The website offers more than 36,000 film and TV shows across all formats, from cinema to DVD and Blu-ray, as well as download and streaming services. Visitors can search by title and talent, and can sort their results by price and format.

Gemma Atkinson 'Moments Worth Paying For'